Avionics Sales Increase for Eighth Consecutive Quarter

 - August 12, 2022, 11:01 AM

Second-quarter and first-half 2022 avionics sales continued to increase, according to the Aircraft Electronics Association’s Avionics Market Report, which surveys 22 companies. In the April to June period, sales climbed 19.9 percent, to $708.6 million, from the same three months last year, marking the eighth consecutive quarter of rising sales.

For the first six months of the year, sales totaled $1.3 billion, up 15.8 percent from the first half of 2021. This increase was mostly driven by sales of forward-fit avionics—installed by OEMs during production—which climbed by 36.5 percent, to $727.5 million, from a year ago. That’s the second-largest sales total in that category in the report’s history. Retrofit sales were slightly down by 1.2 percent, to $615.6 million, during the same period.

“It is encouraging to see sales continue to climb…but we also must consider the inflationary pressures that could factor into that increase,” said AEA president and CEO Mike Adamson. “Companies participating in the market report indicated they had increased their prices nearly 6 percent, which is substantial, yet below the 8.5 percent rise in the U.S. annual Consumer Price Index reported in July. The effort to manage and maintain the flow of products by our avionics OEMs dealing with supply constraints and the ever-increasing cost to produce and recertify their products is extraordinary.”