Crew Chiefs Looks To Serve Pre-buy Bizjet Market

 - August 8, 2022, 11:09 AM
Crew Chiefs founders are, from left, chief technology officer Mark Thibault, CEO Chris Buchholz CEO, and chief operating officer Warren Curry. (Photo: Crew Chiefs)

Crew Chiefs announced its formation late last week as a new company composed of aviation maintenance professionals who will provide pre-buy and other inspections for sellers and buyers of business aircraft. The company is based at Million Air facilities at Westchester County Airport in White Plains, New York.

Founded by partners Chris Buchholz, Mark Thibault, and Warren Curry, Crew Chiefs uses a network of professionals and proprietary software to also oversee completions at an OEM prior to delivery; refurbishment of business aircraft, including heavy inspections; and provide asset condition and end-of-lease surveys for financial institutions. The company also can provide onboard techs to go with the aircraft following completion, pre-buy, or refurbishment to coordinate potential AOG and scheduled items.

“Crew Chiefs’s customized software for inspection oversight results in a more disciplined approach to ensure the inspections are performed correctly while enhancing transparency and improving productivity,” Buchholz said. “We are strongly positioned to lead our team of OEM-trained seasoned crew chiefs who are based around the world.”