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DPI Labs: OLED Displays Certified, Now Available

 - October 13, 2021, 8:39 PM
DPI Labs new smart canvas is currently the only certified, OLED display flying. It is available in 65- and 55-inch models with smaller versions on the way. (Photo: Curt Epstein)

DPI Labs is demonstrating its newly certified line of Smart Canvas OLED displays at its booth (#2429) this week at NBAA-BACE. The transparent touchscreen displays, which are already flying aboard commercial-class aircraft, are currently available in 55- and 65-inch sizes and, according to the company, smaller displays from 24 to 40 inches will soon be on the market. California-based DPI Labs expects to receive STCs soon for a variety of business aircraft including the latest ultra-long-range jets.

The 4K HDR displays offer significant benefits over standard LCD monitors. DPI's 65-inch unit, the thickness of a nickel, weighs only 3.5 pounds, while a comparably sized LCD display tips the scales at more than 100 pounds. Aside from this, additional weight savings are realized in the reduced structural supports needed to mount the units, which also eases installation costs.

By their very nature, OLEDs have less energy demand, as each pixel in the display is its own light source. Those pixels that are not engaged at the time do not draw energy, unlike the LCD displays that are constantly backlit.

The OLED screens also have a one-meter bend radius, allowing them to be used in areas such as headliners for custom interiors. They are also fully video-wall tileable with no additional hardware required. Fully transparent, other applications for the Smart Canvas include being mounted over windows to provide in-flight identification of landmarks and offer descriptions.